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    Bouquet Rozalia - 1

      Bouquet Rozalia

      Price €68.00
      Availability: 984 In Stock
      A very rich bunch of mini sized and normal sized roses together with wildflowers are bringing spring to your frontdoor!!! Welcome it with all its colours and aromas!!!
      Bouquet Polymnia - 1

        Bouquet Polymnia

        Price €25.00
        Availability: 908 In Stock
        Send a bright bouquet of colorful gerberas, accented with a mix of greenery and yellow blooms.This cheerful bouquet is the perfect way to  turn a frown upside-down!
        Birthday Cake 2 Kilos - 1

          Birthday Cake 2 Kilos

          Price €45.00
          Availability: 997 In Stock
          Birthday cake - Mud cake 2 kg Juicy mud cake with chocolate mousse filling, wonderful combined with vanilla cream, biscuit, strawberry and banana. Made exclusively from pure & high quality materials such as fresh butter, eggs and milk. With sugar paste. All orders must be made at least three (3) days prior to the scheduled day of delivery.
          Bouquet Cymbidium Orchid - 1

            Bouquet Cymbidium Orchid

            Price €28.00
            Availability: 970 In Stock
            Unique cymbidium orchid matched with greenery.Α mostly elegant choice!Orchids are long lasting, fragrance free and allergy friendly!
            24 Pink Roses in a Box - 1

              24 Pink Roses in a Box

              Price €65.00
              Availability: 90 In Stock
              A elegant and delicate choice. Pink roses contrasts with the black box making a wonderful combination intended to impress with its simplicity.