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Pastel Gerberas  - 1

Pastel Gerberas

Price €33.00
Availability: 975 In Stock
Unique wonderful pastel bouquet gerberas (20 pcs.) They will scatter joy and light in the room.
Pink Anthurium In Ceramic Pot  - 1

Pink Anthurium In Ceramic Pot

Price €35.00
Availability: 30 In Stock
This unique shade of pink anthurium blooms, combine ideally with this elegant ceramic pot, in order to bring a lovely splash of color into a home or office!!!
24 Luxury Pastel Roses  - 1

24 Luxury Pastel Roses

Price €55.00
Availability: 983 In Stock
two dozen Luxury pastel roses   and variety of leafage. Ideal gift for a pleasant surprise full cheerful disposal.
Birthday Cake 1 Kilo  - 1

Birthday Cake 1 Kilo

Price €30.00
Availability: 991 In Stock
Birthday cake - Mud cake 1 kg Juicy mud cake with chocolate mousse filling, wonderful combined with vanilla cream, biscuit, strawberry and banana. Made exclusively from pure & high quality materials such as fresh butter, eggs and milk. With sugar paste. All orders must be made at least three (3) days prior to the scheduled day of delivery.
Yellow Gerberas  - 1

Yellow Gerberas

Price €35.00
Availability: 992 In Stock

Unique wonderful yellow gerberas (20 pcs.) They will scatter joy and light in the room.

Pink Lilies  - 1

Pink Lilies

Price €40.00
Availability: 989 In Stock
A beautiful bouquet that can last for a long time with 7 pieces of soft pink lilies and foliage. Available in white, yellow, fuschia and orange.
Bouquet Rozalia  - 1

Bouquet Rozalia

Price €68.00
Availability: 990 In Stock
A very rich bunch of mini sized and normal sized roses together with wildflowers are bringing spring to your frontdoor!!! Welcome it with all its colours and aromas!!!
Bouquet Polymnia  - 1

Bouquet Polymnia

Price €25.00
Availability: 945 In Stock
Send a bright bouquet of colorful gerberas, accented with a mix of greenery and yellow blooms.This cheerful bouquet is the perfect way to  turn a frown upside-down!