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Mini Phalaenopsis Orchid in Amphora  - 1
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Mini Phalaenopsis Orchid in Amphora

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This  Mini Phalaenopsis Orchid in a metallic amphora with hethera plant 

will last long giving a touch of wealth wherever you place it as long as it has enough light !!!

Fern Green Lady  - 1
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Fern Green Lady

Price €33.90
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Green lady fern in a seagrass basket is a boho style element  basic for a trendy decoration!

Keep it well moistured especially during the hot months of the year and it will  grow on its gorgeous fresh green leaves to fill the atmosphere with pure oxygen!!

Alocasia Lauterbachiana  - 1
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Alocasia Lauterbachiana

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Alocasia Lauterbachiana is has black velvet leaves and is also known as elephant ears. It is a tropical plant and so it is quiet sensitive to cold!

An intense vertical underline for a modern touch!

Monstera Deliciosa  - 1
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Monstera Deliciosa

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Monstera Deliciosa is the must plan for creating a tropical atmosphere! It survives both inside and outside! Combine it with a ceramic pot or a seagrass basket !

Alocasia Pink Dragon  - 1
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Alocasia Pink Dragon

Price €42.94
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Alocasia Pink Dragon is a unique tropical plant . It sure makes an impression with is deep purple veins running through its dark glossy leaves!

Together with its modern design planter makes  the ideal choice for office environments as well as your home!