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Cymbidium Orchid  - 1

Cymbidium Orchid

Price €55.00
Availability: 3 In Stock

Cymbidium Orchid with four stems in ceramic pot. You just remain speechless in front of this Beauty!!!

Roses in Glass Cube  - 1

Roses in Glass Cube

Price €34.00
Availability: 994 In Stock
Geometry with roses! Red roses in a glass cube filled with decorative gel. A very fine and discrete choice!!!
Pastel Gerberas  - 1

Pastel Gerberas

Price €33.00
Availability: 973 In Stock
Unique wonderful pastel bouquet gerberas (20 pcs.) They will scatter joy and light in the room.
Liqueur With Roses And Pralines  - 1

Liqueur With Roses And Pralines

Price €45.00
Availability: 958 In Stock
Roses big gentle and small wild in combination with exceptional liqueur of rose and splendid pralines in box metal all together in luxurious package ideal for gift.
24 Luxury Pastel Roses  - 1

24 Luxury Pastel Roses

Price €55.00
Availability: 981 In Stock
two dozen Luxury pastel roses   and variety of leafage. Ideal gift for a pleasant surprise full cheerful disposal.
Bouquet Euterpe  - 1

Bouquet Euterpe

Price €40.00
Availability: 992 In Stock
Large  pink  roses combined with  wild little roses in pink and white shades ! Amazing result will create cheerful emotions!!!
Bouquet Polymnia  - 1

Bouquet Polymnia

Price €25.00
Availability: 941 In Stock
Send a bright bouquet of colorful gerberas, accented with a mix of greenery and yellow blooms.This cheerful bouquet is the perfect way to  turn a frown upside-down!
Composition In  Cube Glass Pot  - 1

Composition In Cube Glass Pot

Price €45.00
Availability: 997 In Stock
12 gorgeous roses, lilium oriental flowers and green foliage, arranged in a square round glass pot (dimensions 15x15x15). Βright colors, intense feelings!
Bouquet Rainbow  - 1

Bouquet Rainbow

Price €45.00
Availability: 977 In Stock
A rainbow of assorted colour roses makes this buqouet  a happy and cheerful choice!
Bouquet Erato  - 1

Bouquet Erato

Price €28.00
Availability: 969 In Stock
Pink spray roses combine beautifully with chrysanthemums in pink- purple  shades in this cheerful,  long lasting bouquet!!!
24 Pink Roses in a Box  - 1

24 Pink Roses in a Box

Price €65.00
Availability: 92 In Stock
A elegant and delicate choice. Pink roses contrasts with the black box making a wonderful combination intended to impress with its simplicity.