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    Energy Plants - 1

      Energy Plants

      Price €18.00
      Availability: 1 In Stock

      These plants clean up the atmosphere and also the energy of the room! You can choose between the Phlebo (big picture) the pilea and the fern.

      Pastel Gerberas - 1

        Pastel Gerberas

        Price €33.00
        Availability: 962 In Stock
        Unique wonderful pastel bouquet gerberas (20 pcs.) They will scatter joy and light in the room.
        Bouquet Lefkothea - 1

          Bouquet Lefkothea

          Price €30.00
          Availability: 967 In Stock

          Bright white lilies create a simple, yet sophisticated bouquet,  sending your wish for happiness and tranquility. The lily blooms will continue to open, extending arrangement life - and your recipient's enjoyment.

          24 Luxury Pastel Roses - 1

            24 Luxury Pastel Roses

            Price €55.00
            Availability: 977 In Stock
            two dozen Luxury pastel roses   and variety of leafage. Ideal gift for a pleasant surprise full cheerful disposal.
            Bouquet Polymnia - 1

              Bouquet Polymnia

              Price €25.00
              Availability: 908 In Stock
              Send a bright bouquet of colorful gerberas, accented with a mix of greenery and yellow blooms.This cheerful bouquet is the perfect way to  turn a frown upside-down!