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    Rainbow Forever Rose - 1

      Rainbow Forever Rose

      Price €17.00
      Availability: 5 In Stock

      A colorful, stunning forever rose in the colors of the rainbow inside a glass bell. A gift that will live forever.

      24 Luxury Pastel Roses - 1

        24 Luxury Pastel Roses

        Price €55.00
        Availability: 977 In Stock
        two dozen Luxury pastel roses   and variety of leafage. Ideal gift for a pleasant surprise full cheerful disposal.
        Double Stemmed Phalaenopsis Orchid - 1

          Double Stemmed Phalaenopsis Orchid

          Price €35.00
          Availability: 898 In Stock

          Splendid gracious double stemmed  orchid in ceramic pot.  Ideal choice for expressing sentiments of joy and tranquillity.One of the easiest orchids to maintain indoors, the phalaenopsis can bloom 2or3 times per year!!!

          Pink Lilies - 1

            Pink Lilies

            Price €40.00
            Availability: 985 In Stock
            A beautiful bouquet that can last for a long time with 7 pieces of soft pink lilies and foliage. Available in white, yellow, fuschia and orange.
            Zamioculcas In Ceramic Pot - 1

              Zamioculcas In Ceramic Pot

              Price €30.00
              Availability: 972 In Stock

              ZZ Plants (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)   are beautiful, unique, almost impossible to kill succulent-type houseplants. They do well in low light or bright indirect light. Over-watering is the only way to kill Zamioculcas zamiifolia houseplants. All that makes it the ideal choice for office environments as well as your home!

              Bouquet Polymnia - 1

                Bouquet Polymnia

                Price €25.00
                Availability: 908 In Stock
                Send a bright bouquet of colorful gerberas, accented with a mix of greenery and yellow blooms.This cheerful bouquet is the perfect way to  turn a frown upside-down!
                Bouquet Meropi - 1

                  Bouquet Meropi

                  Price €35.00
                  Availability: 969 In Stock
                  A very rich and impressive bunch of flowers  Liliums combined with roses and a variety of leafage to fill a big hug!!!