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    Anthurium In Red Pot - 1

      Anthurium In Red Pot

      Price €33.00
      Availability: 978 In Stock
      Anthurium tropical plant with red flowers in red earthen container. A particularly durable plant.
      Double Stemmed Phalaenopsis Orchid - 1

        Double Stemmed Phalaenopsis Orchid

        Price €30.00
        Availability: 907 In Stock

        Splendid gracious double stemmed  orchid in ceramic pot.  Ideal choice for expressing sentiments of joy and tranquillity.One of the easiest orchids to maintain indoors, the phalaenopsis can bloom 2or3 times per year!!!

        Pink Lilies - 1

          Pink Lilies

          Price €40.00
          Availability: 988 In Stock
          A beautiful bouquet that can last for a long time with 7 pieces of soft pink lilies and foliage. Available in white, yellow, fuschia and orange.
          Bouquet Rozalia - 1

            Bouquet Rozalia

            Price €68.00
            Availability: 990 In Stock
            A very rich bunch of mini sized and normal sized roses together with wildflowers are bringing spring to your frontdoor!!! Welcome it with all its colours and aromas!!!
            Composition In Cube Glass Pot - 1

              Composition In Cube Glass Pot

              Price €45.00
              Availability: 996 In Stock
              12 gorgeous roses, lilium oriental flowers and green foliage, arranged in a square round glass pot (dimensions 15x15x15). Βright colors, intense feelings!
              Miniature Phalaenopsis Orchid In a Box - 1

                Miniature Phalaenopsis Orchid In a Box

                Price €35.00
                Availability: 981 In Stock

                Miniature phalaenopsis orchid with ceramic pot  in a transparent box composes the absolute elegance for a gift! In addition, these miniature  blooms last for about six months !!!