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PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS tries to be as accurate as possible in terms of the features of the products that appear in our Online Store. However flowers are seasonal products, and some varieties are therefore not always available. In any such case you will be informed by the customer service department for any changes and if you agree, the product will be replaced with another of similar value. The same applies to the bases of the compositions, decorations, wrappers, etc.

However, each composition is unique, made especially for you in our store or by collaborating members of the Flower Network of Greece or Abroad and you can be sure that every effort will be made to match the color and shape shown in the image.

The specific product that is sent from our store and corresponds to your order, is photographed and the photo is sent to you via e-mail, if you wish. This way we ensure the greatest possible information and customer satisfaction for the order entrusted to us!


Prices are given in euros but also in other exchange rates where requested and include VAT 13% or 24% depending on the product. Prices do not include shipping costs. These are added as you proceed with the registration of your order and amount from free for the city of Heraklion and in the amount of 5 euros for another city, unless it is an inaccessible area. For orders in inaccessible areas you will be informed immediately about the additional shipping cost. If you have already placed your order, made the payment, and finally do not agree with the additional shipping costs, the order can be canceled if you wish and the amount you were originally charged will be refunded to you in full.

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