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    Ficus Natasja - 1

      Ficus Natasja

      Price €20.00
      Availability: 986 In Stock

      Ficus benjamina Natasja is one of the most popular house trees available. Beautifully shaped in a small tree.Filters toxins, purifying the air. In a matching ceramic pot!

      Dracaena Steudneri in Ceramic Pot - 1

        Dracaena Steudneri in Ceramic Pot

        Price €85.00
        Availability: 7 In Stock

        Dracaena steudneri in a luxurious white-golden ceramic pot. It sure fills your space with its rich wide bright leaves. It has air cleaning properties and is quite easy to maintain!

        Zamioculcas In Ceramic Pot - 1

          Zamioculcas In Ceramic Pot

          Price €30.00
          Availability: 972 In Stock

          ZZ Plants (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)   are beautiful, unique, almost impossible to kill succulent-type houseplants. They do well in low light or bright indirect light. Over-watering is the only way to kill Zamioculcas zamiifolia houseplants. All that makes it the ideal choice for office environments as well as your home!

          Miniature Phalaenopsis Orchid In a Box - 1

            Miniature Phalaenopsis Orchid In a Box

            Price €35.00
            Availability: 980 In Stock

            Miniature phalaenopsis orchid with ceramic pot  in a transparent box composes the absolute elegance for a gift! In addition, these miniature  blooms last for about six months !!!

            Olive - 1


              Price €25.00
              Availability: 964 In Stock

              Olive, the precious and beloved tree of Greeks

              Orchid Phalaenopsis - 1

                Orchid Phalaenopsis

                Price €65.00
                Availability: 985 In Stock
                Great orchid with rich flowering and four branches in ceramic.  Dimensions 20 cm x 20 cm. A stylish and elegant gift proposal.